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Exhaust Nozzle TMS 225

Universal funnel with automatic rolling suction cup

The innovative "TMS 225" was developed after the One-Fits-All concept and
finally put an end to the search for the suitable adapter!

This nozzle fits on all exhaust pipe shapes without any restrictions. It is suitable for single, double, conventional and for flushed type exhaust pipes which are integrated in the rear bumper. The shape of the exhaust pipe plays absolutely no role any more: whether single, double, oval or round, the TMS 225 matches all !

The TMS 225 can be attached on the vehicle in a few seconds. For this you just have to pull out the suction cup , gently attach to a flat surface ( for example, the rear light ), adjust the exhaust nozzle to the desired position and activate the caps lock key on the handle. DONE!

TMS 225

The advantages:

  • The one and only real universal nozzle
  • Easy handling
  • Wide capturing opening
  • Very gentle to body paint
  • Enables active extraction during lifting of vehicle
  • Suitable to all exhaust extraction systems such as under ground, hose reels, rail system and even mobile sets!