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Hazardous fumes and vapours

Welding Fume

ist is hazardous to health because:
  • it is respirable
  • contains carcinogenic substances such as nickel oxides and chromates ( the welding from high Cr / Ni - containing alloys or filter metal )
  • contains radioactive thorium ( TIG welding with thorium-containing tungsten electrode )
Metal dust

can lead to illness and diseases of pulmonary fibrosis.
As sources of danger in particular:
  • Dust during grinding and mixing of the raw materials ( carbides )
  • Fumes and smoke during metal smelting in sintering , i.e. in reducing, carburizing, presintering and final sintering of the starting materials or intermediates
  • Dusts during roughing, drilling, sawing and grinding of sintered parts
  • Dusts during fine machining of sintered material and tools such as grinding with diamond or corundum wheel

Grinding dust

Imposes a pollution of the breathing air. Besides health hazards, explosion hazard eminates from grinding dust. Certain wood dust may have sensitizing (allergic) or even carcinogenic effects on humans.

KORA supports surely by eliminateing these hazardous substances from your working place.
We offer you the proper protective measures against these problems in terms of:
  • Extraction systems direlctly at the source
  • Technical measures such as extraction arm, welding tables with integrated extraction or fixed hoods
  • Inlet and outlet exhaust systems such as "level ventilation", in which the air supply comes from the bottom and the fumes extraction occurs at the ceiling level.

Filter systems

  • extraction arm

    Extraction arms

    suitable for fumes and vapors. Available in the lengths from 2000 till 8000 mm

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  • grinding table

    Extraction table

    for welding and grinding jobs with back and bottom extraction


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  • mobile filter

    Mobile filter

    for sanding dust, welding fume, laser smoke, adhesives, cutting dust and much more


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  • filter system

    Centralized filter systems

    Welding fume filters , cyclone filters , central vacuum cleaning systems , oil mist separators , wet separators and hall ventilation systems


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