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System working bay for lightweight body - ARB

More and more bodyshops have to deal with lightweight body construction on a daily basis, as modern cars of almost all manufacturers today consist of a combination of steel, aluminum and carbon.

During the mechanical processing of these materials,
hazards may occur due to inhalation of or or skin contact with welding fume particle dusts, fibers, adhesive fumes and other hazardous substances.

Furthermore, the risk of fire and explosion as well as the electrical hazard due to the release of carbon fibers, aluminum and particle dusts must be considered.

In 2016, KORA presented an innovative working bay under the name ARB to meet this challenge.
The modular workplace provides the necessaryextraction measures for health protection as well as the technical measures for explosion and fire protection in compliance with national standards and legal requirements.


The innovative lightweight body working bay offers:

  • Protection against arc glare, weld spatter and slag parts achieved through a movable welding curtain on rail
  • Inlet hood with Illumination
  • Boom with telescopic extraction arm and filter for reliable elimination of the welding fume and glue vapours
  • Mobile Filter with extraction arm for reliable elimination of the welding fume and glue vapours
  • Energy supply unit for electricity, vacuum extraction and compressed air from the ceiling
  • ATTEX Filter with spark trap for extraction of aluminum or carbon dust durring sanding.
  • Wide range of accessories and equipment for aluminum repair


  • ARB Prospekt ARB

  • welding curtain

    Sliding cutrains

    Welding protective curtain according to DIN EN 1598 and DIN EN ISO 25980

    The curtain system provides protection against arc glare , weld spatter and slag parts . It also prevents the horizontal spread of welding fumes or grinding dust in the remaining areas of the workshop and protects against dirt and dust from outside .

  • inlet hood

    Inlet hood with Illumination

    equipped with filter mats for a dust-free air supply and support of the extraction arm.

    The longitudinally installed high-performance lamps provide equal and sufficient illumination of the working bay

  • extraction arm

    Boom with extraction arm

    The boom with the rotating piece and spring supported arm can be easily adjusted in any set position and covers any point on the entire workplace.

    This ensures the safe extraction at any point on the entire workplace