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SMART REPAIR working bay - SRB

The SRB is a professional working bay with a special design for complete paint repair jobs on vehicles known as Spot Repair.

All needed works such as sanding, painting, drying and polishing now take place just in one place saving precious workshop time!

Our innovative working bay "SRB" is characterized by a modular design. It can be easily mounted just in any workshop thanks to a very small installation effort.

All you need is an open space, further construction measures are not necessary!
The SRB is mounted very easily and independent of the local site conditions thanks to our special support frame set.

The length and height can even be flexibly adjusted during the installation:

  • Adjustment for length : 4000- 7000 mm
  • Adjustment for height : 2612 - 3812 mm
  • Width: 4500 mm

With powerful energy saving inlet and outlet fan, our SRB is definitely the most effective measure for improving the working condition of the SPOT REPAIR jobs.

The SRB ensures the needed extraction rate for SPOT Repair with the right air velocity.


Your benefits:

  • Repair of damage with the least possible effort and hence the lowest possible cost
  • Fast Reaction- and repair times
  • Professional high quality paint repair without a bodyshop.
  • High and quick return on investment
  • Customer satisfaction and obtaining regular customers from walk-in customers
  • Health and compliance with national standards


  • SRB Prospekt SRB

  • protective curtain

    Crystal clear protective curtains

    Sliding curtains on rail for best protection and lighting conditions.

    The curtain system prevents the horizontal propagation of paint mist or sanding dust in the remaining areas of the workshop, while providing protection against dirt and dust from outside.

  •  inlet hood

    Inlet ceiling hood with illumination

    Equipped with filter mats for dust-free air supply and support of the extraction hood. (cross-flow)

    The longitudinally installed high-performance lamps provide equal and sufficient illumination of the working bay.

  • mobile extraction hood

    Mobile extraction hood

    Mobile on wheels with integrated tool trolley for full coverage of the working bay. The mobile hood ensures a reliable extraction without restricting of movement.

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