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Exhaust gas

This fact has been published in recent years in scientific journals and newspapers repeatedly . The World Health Organization "WHO" had declared exhaust gases from diesel engines as "Carcinogenic" and classified it in Group 1 of the hazardous substances . The exhaust gases of gasoline engines are declared as "potentially carcinogenic" (Group 2B)

Especially in garages and hangars people are exposed to these hazardous materials on a daily base. Without active "elimination" of these toxic pollutants workers could get ill and fail from work. The highly modern and sensitive equipment in the workshop could be also negatively affected or even damaged.

The most efficient way to eliminate exhaust gas from the workshop is to use source extraction systems directly on the vehicles. This method doesn't only ensure a safe and healthy working environment, but also saves money compared to other methods such as oversized intake and exhaust system in the building.

Our innovative exhaust gas extraction systems range from small lawn mowers to locomotives! Big or small, stationary or mobile, we have the right solution for you.
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  • Absauganlage
    Exhaust Extraction with Aluminum Rails
  • Absauganlage
    Trolley with hose and funnel
  • Absauganlage
    Electric Hose Reel
  • Absauganlage
    Exhaust Extraction for Dyno

Exhaust extraction systems

  • Dyno Extraction System

    Dyno Extraction System

    Premium-class exhaust-extraction systems for Dyno test rooms

    Dyno-Systems »

  • extaction system for emergency vehicles

    Travel along systems

    Extraction systems for emergency vehicles

    Firefighting-systems »

  • Aluminum channel system

    Aluminum Rail System

    sliding overhead ducting rail

    Rail System »

  • Hose reel

    Exhaust Hose Reel

    for passanger cars and commercial trucks available in Spring action or electrical version

    Hose Reel »

  • Mini Sets


    simple extraction system for passenger cars and trucks in workshops and control centers

    Mini-Set »

  • under floor system

    Under Floor Extraction

    for workshops and dyno test rooms

    Under Floor System »