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Travel along extraction systems for emergency vehicles

Emergency vehicles with diesel engines produce a mixture of toxic gases and particles. The new soot particle filters do not solve the problem but only reduce the number and size of the highly hazardous particles. The highest emmissions in the hall occurs by the time the engine is starting and start-up of the vehicles. Most of the times, the fire department does not have separte changing rooms. Therefore the lockers are placed in the vheicle hall forcing the staff and their clothing ti be exposed to the carcinogenic soot particles.

The simple inlet and outlet air system is not sufficient for the elemenation of the hazardous gases. Instead and according to the legal regulations the installation of an extraction system at the source of origin (exhaust pipe) is a must.

In addition to stationay exhaust extraction systems, KORA offeres two innovatice travel along systems which ensures the captrue and elimination of all exhaust gases produced during the driving in and our of the vehicle depot:

  • Automatic travel along system type Magnet
  • Automatic travel along system type Vacuum