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Overspray Extraction

The overspray, is the proportion of the paint, which does not reach the workpiece and ends up reaching the surrounding environment. It is caused by pre- spraying or outflow on the workpiece.

Overspray and paint aerosols are a major threat to the health and safety of each painter. In addition the paint overspray cause troublesome rework, in the form of wet sanding and polishing of all objects in direct surrounding of the painted object.

KORA offers offers suitable technical measures to eliminate these risks in the form of:
  • Spray walls
  • Mobile spray hoods
  • Spray stands
  • Complete SPOT REPAIR working bays
  • Preperation Bays

Do you have a problem with overspray?
The company KORA certainly solves your problem and assist in complying with the national standards and legal requirmentes.

  • Extraction System for Oversoray
    SRB-Box with lightweight walls
  • Extraction System for Oversoray
    Preperation Bays
  • Extraction System for Oversoray
    SRB - SPOT Repair Bay
  • Absauganlage Lacknebel
    SRB with 2 mobile hoods

Extraction solutions

  • mobile hood

    Mobile extraction system

    perfect escort for SMART/SPOT REPAIR jobs

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  • spray wall

    Spray Walls 1-6m

    efficient solution for extraction of flighty vapours

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  • SPOT REPAIR Working bay - SRB

    innovative complete solution for SMART REPAIR

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