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We offer suitable solutions for air purification in laboratories and industrial halls.

We reliably extract, filter and neutralize dust, gases, biological agents and other hazardous substances that arise during work in the laboratory or factory hall.

Extraction in Lab
Extraction in Lab
Extraction in Lab 2
Extraction in Lab 2
Extraction in Lab 3
Extraction in Lab 3
Planing, installation and acceptance test
Planing, installation and acceptance test

Air Purifier MPA

The MPA air purifier was specially developed for professional use. It is characterized by robustness and longevity and is therfor ideal for:Classrooms, kindergartens, offices, lecture halls, restaurants, pubs, meeting rooms, waiting and reception rooms and much more...

With the MPA you get a compact device with the following functions:

  • Air volume flow 400-3500 m³/h
  • Separation of dust particles
  • Separation of viruses and bacteria through HEPA 14
  • Very quiet operation with 31-45 db(A)
  • Low power consumption thanks to the latest EC technology
  • Absence detection with grace period
  • Filter display for the degree of contamination
  • According to VDI-EE-4300
  • Tip-proof
  • Safety checked

Mobiler Filter Tower MPA 1200

The mobile air tower is suitable for eliminating smoke, gases and light dust in industrial halls and clean rooms. (Push n Pull)

Consisting of sturdy sheet steel with powder coating and is equipped as standard with:

  • Dust filter
  • HEPA 14
  • EC motor
  • Differential pressure filter monitoring
  • Tip-proof

Technical data

  • Dimensions 700x700x mm
  • Height selectable: 1570 / 2350 mm
  • Air output max: 1200 m³/h
  • Electric Connection 230V / 50 Hz
  • Current consumption max.: 1.8 A
  • Color: light gray 7035
  • Weight 195 kg

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