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Miniset / Mobilset

A simple extraction system for exhaust gases in the workshop consisting of a fan, wall mounting, extraction hose and exhaust gas nozzle. As a mobile extraction system also available on mobile platform trolleys including exhaust hose.

  • Hose diameter DN 75 - (motorcycle)
  • Hose diameter DN 100 - (car)
  • Hose diameter DN 150 - (car/truck)
  • Hose diameter DN 200 - (Truck-AU)

Mobile Exhaust Extraction System
Mobile Exhaust Extraction System
Mini Set  Emmission Tests
Mini Set Emmission Tests


Exhaust Fume Radial Fans:

A large selection of centrifugal fans for volume flows from 600 - 20,000 m³/h available in stock.

Control units and switches:

Our delivery program ranges from simple direct starters to controls with frequency converters.


A large selection available in temperature resistance from 180 - 1100 °C.


From the universal funnel TMS 225 to customized funnels made of stainless steel all among our delivery program.

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