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Underfloor extraction system

The underfloor extraction system is often visually the best solution for the extraction of exhaust gases in a workshop. It consists in principle of a underfloor duct, floor access cover and hose with exhaust funnel.

By opening the floor access cover, the stored hose can be pulled out and attached to the vehicle. After usage, the hose and funnel vanish again inside the floor access cover.

The underfloor extraction system is desired by customers, who attach great importance to the visual appearance of the workshop. The system is ideal for workshops with large heights or where cranes or other high vehicles maneuver.
It is also recommended for Dynamometer test bed, where exhaust gas and thermal energy must be extracted.

Underfloor System
Underfloor System
Floor access cover Set
Floor access cover Set
Retractable Fume Hose
Retractable Fume Hose


Exhaust Fume Radial Fans:

A large selection of centrifugal fans for volume flows from 600 - 20,000 m³/h available in stock.

Control units and switches:

Our delivery program ranges from simple direct starters to controls with frequency converters.


A large selection available in temperature resistance from 180 - 1100 °C.


From the universal funnel TMS 225 to customized funnels made of stainless steel all among our delivery program.

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